Days 6 – 10 | It just makes sense to visit the Elizabeth and Roy Peratrovich Sr. park in Anchorage while connecting with Roy Peratrovich Jr.’s daughter betsy Peratrovich, in between appearances for my Alaska Book Week tour. betsy (she chooses not to capitalize her first name) was very involved in the writing of the book Fighter in Velvet Gloves. Couldn’t have written it without betsy and her dad’s help!

Peratrovich Park

Tuesday – Saturday 10/1-10/6  | While in Anchorage I gave presentations at all three public libraries: Mountain View, Chugiak-Eagle River, and the Loussac. I also visited Hanshew Middle School and the Writer’s Block Book Store and Café.

United States mint unveils the new Elizabeth Peratrovich silver dollar commemorative coin!

US Mint presentation

Representatives from the United States Mint with betsy Peratrovich and me at the ANB/ANS Grand Camp annual meeting Sunday afternoon in Anchorage at Alaska Pacific University. The gentlemen were at the meeting to unveil the Elizabeth Peratrovich silver dollar commemorative coin which features Sacagewea on one side and Elizabeth on the other. An honor to not only the Peratrovich family, but to all Alaska Natives, and indeed all Native Americans!