Annie Boochever

alaskan, author, musician, educator

Musical Plays

How do you engage 300-400 elementary students and instill an appreciation and deep understanding of other cultures along with a passion for all things music? This was the question I did my best to answer during my many years as an elementary classroom music teacher. Stories, dance, and music combined with a sense of humor and validation of each and every child’s unique gift to the world seemed to work magic for me. All of the plays were written with a culture bearer, that is someone who served as a translator of the culture featured. Many of them include language other than English in both dialogue and song lyrics. The songs are a fusion of traditional songs and dances and contemporary songs written by my dear friend Linda Sobo and/or my talented husband Scott Miller.


I am sorry to say none of them are ready for sale at this time. Each was written and produced while actively teaching and it is only now that I have retired that I have the time to clean them up, and notate the songs so someone else can decipher them. If you find one you are particularly interested in, please write me and I will let you know how long before they will be available.


Mariang Alimongo and the Crab (a Filipino Cinderella story), How Music Came to the World (Aztec legend), The Snow Child, Snegoruchka (Russian), How Night Came to Brazil, Frog Woman, Xixch Shaawat (Tlingit), The Tree of Peace: The Origins of Democracy in America. (Mohawk legend and American history)


The Magic School Bus on the Ocean Floor, by Bruce Degan and Joanna Cole, is a great compliment to any study of the ocean.


Two plays have been produced professionally. Goodbye My Island, adapted from the book of the same name by Jean Rogers, was produced by The Alaska Theater of Youth and premiered in the Wendy-Williamson Auditorium, and later toured all the way to New Zealand. The Woman Carried Away By Killer Whales is an adaptation of a Haida legend. It was produced in collaboration with the Sealaska Heritage Institute and Perseverance Theatre for their Summer Theater Arts Rondezvous (STAR).