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Skiing in Juneau Part 1: Second Cabin

 1957 -1963 This past summer marked my 50th high school reunion from the Juneau Douglas High School. One of the subjects that came up was skiing in ‘the old days’ in Juneau. Here is my attempt to capture some of those memories. Mostly cold and wet. That’s the first...

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Fifty years ago today…

50 years ago one of Alaska’s greatest civil rights heroes passed away in a little known Christian Science care facility in Seattle. Just as she had prepared herself to fight for equality for Alaska Natives, Elizabeth had steeled herself for a different battle, but this one she could not win.

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The Pebble Mine Controversy

“Pebble Project,” located in Bristol Bay Alaska, is potentially the largest open-pit mining operation in North America, and its probably going to be the biggest environmental resource fight of our lifetime.

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